EFT therapy  for anxiety 

By Yusra Hashim

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT has proved to be the easiest therapy for anxiety with quick results. 

Anxiety disorder is increasingly affecting people, even the children. According to the national institute of mental health one in eight Americans aged 15-84 suffer from anxiety and one in ten Americans women take anti-anxiety or antidepressant drugs. 

Do I have anxiety

By Anxiety, I don't mean the worry we feel when we face a new task or a change in our work or home. This feeling is part of our normal physiology that helps us to move out of our comfort zone confidently and with the efficiency we need to live in the next level of our growth journey .

What is anxiety 

Anxiety is when this worry becomes so excessive that it distorts our mind clarity and forbids our progress. This anxiety also has a scale of variation from repeated negative thoughts about certain part of our life to being obsessive in behaviours and thoughts, fear and phobias, to have panic attacks and chronic health diseases .

Anxiety symptoms 

In the early stages there is a repeated exhausting thoughts that keep running through your head putting you in an emotional circuit of these destructive thoughts. for example thinking about the bad things that could happen in your job interview or the worst expectation about what they are going to say about you or how they are going to judge you.

Obsession and Addiction is a way to express anxiety 

Choosing to carry on suffering these repeated thoughts may lead your mind to try to release these thoughts through obsessive compulsive behaviours and thoughts.

Addiction to eating, to alcohol or to smoking are ways to release anxiety.These will give temporary relief only . 

In these stages also EFT can help as a therapy for anxiety. It helps in quitting the addiction and controlling the obsession.

Anxiety can become a brain habit 

Our brain takes the information from our environment and life experiences and develop neurological patterns that it will depend on as a reference for the future life decisions . 

keeping the brain on the anxiety mode makes it works automatically on this pattern even when there is no trigger.Those who suffer from anxiety would feel uncomfortable when there is nothing trigger their anxiety.

With EFT therapy we can break this circuit and remove the charge from those thoughts, then you can view it from a different positive angle.

Physical effect of Anxiety 

Anxiety puts the body in continuous stress condition that leads to an increase in stress hormone secretion in the body to cope with the destructive environment that the mind is suffering from.

This mind and body state is overwhelming for the body health and will affect the immune system, raise inflammatory response that initiates different inflammatory diseases, increases blood pressure and cholesterol, raises blood glucose and disturb the hormonal balance .

Each person will be affected differently .

How can EFT help as a therapy for anxiety 

It has become well known that everything is energy and information including our thoughts and emotions. By tapping on the body acupoints(acupuncture points) which are the access to your meridian energy system, we release the emotional charge from the thoughts or events that have induced your anxiety .

With persistent tapping the brain will adapt to the new comfortable state of peace.

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