Social anxiety disorder 

By Yusra Hashim

Social anxiety is one of the multiple faces of anxiety. It entails a number of exhausting feelings; such as fear of judgment, of being criticised for how we look, speak or behave.It ruins many aspects of our lives.

what fear behind social anxiety

Is it the fear of embarrassment, being judged or the fear of rejection that keeps stimulating the same circle of thoughts and making us stressed? It's all related to low self acceptance. We can use EFT tapping to relieve stress and anxiety. We need to acknowledge the thought or the emotion that is causing the problems we are experiencing.

Social relationships 

Social relationships greatly affect Mental and Physical Health. Evidence shows that good relationships with family, friends and the wider community are important for mental wellbeing. Social anxiety disorder is also called social phobia, it leads people to use isolation as a coping mechanism to deal with the flood of painful emotions and thoughts induced by social communication .

Self acceptance

Self acceptance can give us the peace we need to feel confident wherever we are. How we treat ourselves is the first lesson we learn from our parents . people who received the message from their parents that they deserve love as they are without the need for a reason to do so(unconditional love ) are confident, feel safe in their communication and build healthy relationships with others .

we treat ourselves the same way our parents treated us. can we accept ourselves without others approval? This could push us towards perfectionism and endless stress, as we are  trying to be good enough to deserve love .

symptoms  of social anxiety disorder

It is not that uncomfortable feeling before public speaking, or shyness when you are centred in a social gathering. it is the debilitating thoughts and bad emotions that limit your freedom to be yourself in thinking, speaking and behaving .

It may involves : 

feeling insecure in communication.

Fear of being criticised.

Fear that you might look stupid.

Avoid eye to eye contact. 

Fear of being focused on.

Terrified of humiliate or embarrass oneself .

Physical signs of social anxiety 

Physical signs of anxiety include: palpitation , sweating ,dry mouth or dry throat ,and cold hands .

All of these symptoms will exaggerate the fear of being in a social situation, which will in turn lead the person to be afraid of the fear they will feel when they are anxious.Usually the people who suffer from social anxiety disorder also have other psychological problems like generalised anxiety disorder ,depression or an alcohol addiction.

EFT is the best therapy for all types of anxiety

EFT managed to treat 80% of anxiety cases when nothing else worked.

Anxiety symptoms are signals of disruption in the meridian energy flow and emotional freedom technique is one of the energy healing techniques that brings back the normal harmonious flow of energy and feelings that enhance life and relationships .

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