self forgiveness a key to enjoy life and relationships

By Yusra Hashim

self forgiveness is what we need to accept ourselves and others .it is to release all self judgment and accept ourselves as who we are .

Why self forgiveness

self forgiveness makes our relationships with ourselves and with others healthier and with acceptance, when we accept ourselves we can accept and appreciate other people without judgement .

That will give us the peace we need to feel happy and fulfilled and to gain the clear mind to have success in everything we do .

self judgment versus self forgiveness

we are socially conditioned to judge.Judgmental attitude is a negative attitude that drain our energy and block our creativity and success .It will affect our perception and the life we attract .

Ignoring self forgiveness and acceptance will disconnect us from ourselves and from others .

self forgiveness and acceptance is a very important step in self development and in living with mindfulness.

Low self acceptance to perfectionism

Tendency to self judgment causes low self acceptance .This will drive you to work harder to elevate your performance standard to feel accepted ,so you start to look for  the perfectionism as what will bring you peace and safety from the pain and stress of self judgment .

But even getting perfect will not end your self destructive thoughts , it is going around one cycle and go deeper in energy draining thoughts of stress and anxiety .

EFT flourish your self forgiveness easily 

What makes these blaming thoughts deeply ingrained is the negative emotions associated with self judgment . It locks your brain chemistry to these thoughts circuit which will automatically turned on with every trigger that links to already present information of self judgment . EFT will release these emotion and makes those thoughts part of your memory .

Emotional freedom technique can help in letting it go and gaining  forgiveness.

  • First observe your thoughts .
  • Make a list of what self judgment you have toward yourself . 
  • start doing EFT tapping for each one on your list until you release it all .

This will clear the way for your mind to improve the mistakes or whatever it is that stimulate your judgment .

part of human’s learning journey in life is making faults to face our weakness and be aware of it to fix it and raise to the next level to gain the wisdom .

Thinking that you deserve punishment for making mistakes means punishment for being human .

if we learn the reason behind our mistakes we will stop giving the meaning for others behaviours . the meaning that includes I am not loveable , I am stupid or I am not good enough .

Self forgiveness and acceptance is a step in self development . Emotional freedom technique really can fill the gap we missed to gain the feeling of peace and joy with our self as it is and in all time .

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