Relieve stress with EFT

By Yusra Hashim

EFT can help you relieve stress by changing your perception to that stressor,

It helps by dealing with the emotions that overwhelmed your capacity to cope .

we are facing stress increasingly with time ,despite all the improvements humans are making to facilitate our daily need and make life easier. so what are we missing, what do we need to feel fulfilled and enjoy life?

What is stress

stress as defined by Canadian researcher hans Selye as “the non specific response of the body to any demand for change “

stress comes to make challenges in life for our spiritual growth ,to add colours to our experiences and then should be relieved with the gaining of our fulfilling results .But when we cant relieve it ,and don't accept the change we feel stressed .

EFT tapping can help here and before entering the stage of stress by releasing the emotions that limit our acceptance and capacity to change .

physical changes during stress

there is a highly organised system in our body that works for us during the time we face a need for change(stress), to allow us overcome the situation successfully .

It is the autonomic nervous system that receives the alert signal from your emotions, that you are in danger and need to fight or flight, it increases your heart rate to support the blood supply ,increases the blood sugar to supply the muscular system with energy ,these are done through releasing the stress hormone .

The two phases of physical changes

First phase of the cycle of stress management  strategy in our body is to increase stress hormone secretion . Next in the plan is the relaxing phase when you relieve your stress .you supposed to overcome the stress situation and relax to let your system take your feedback and simulate the maintenance phase in your body .

Why we feel stressed

The reason is, that our body doesn't receive the information that we are fine and relaxed but you are still in stress condition of feeling angry , afraid or anxious

Change is one of the characteristics of life,our problem can’t be solved by changing life . It is our perception and how we react to the stress that we need to change . Some people live in chronic stress with its health complications and consequences, while others under the same experience get to their higher level in relationships ,job or finance .

Our emotions rule our life . Feeling of guilt , self doubt , fear of rejection and “I am not good enough”, all of these feelings put the mind and the body under chronic stress and life becomes a burden .

Emotional freedom technique works magic to overcome these feeling that ignoring it could lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression .

Steps to release Stress;

  • Release all the negative emotions that destroy yourself slowly, and EFT  is the best self help tool to free yourself of limiting beliefs and emotions . 
  • Train yourself a relaxing exercise to help you actively engage your mind and body in a relaxing state when you need .
  • Accept your self as you are, because the truth is you are complete and totally equipped to live this life happily and successfully .
  • nurture the the great feelings of love, forgiveness and compassion that will expand your capacity and lessen your vulnerability to stress .

Do you want to use EFT to release your stress?

Do you want to let go of whatever blocks your freedom and happiness?

EFT is a genuine technique that you can use and learn easily .

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