Tapping for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief

By Yusra Hashim

post traumatic stress disorder or (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder that follows exposing to sever distressing experience like death threat,physical or sexual abuse, symptoms could start at the same time, after days, weeks or even years of witnessing the traumatic action .

what stress sets off PTSD

Not all people have the same response for the same experience .Some people get over the situation after a time, while for others thestress hits them deep that they develop symptoms of PTSD .

who are more prone to develop PTSD 

People whose jobs make them see extraordinarily terrifying scenes are more liable to get PTSD as firefighters, soldiers might face disastrous events or friends being killed or injured ,war prisoners, children suffer the war destructive effect of seeing their parents or family killed or bombed in front of their eyes ,teenagers car accidents survivors .

Symptoms of PTSD  

  • Many people will relive the experience in their memory or have flashes of the event in their head, nightmares and insomnia .
  • They easily become angry .
  • They might have guilt feeling 
  • Try to avoid people or places that remind them of the event .
  • Ignoring their emotions and enter a stage of emotional numbness .

signs and symptoms of PTSD have a great impact on day to day life that changes the overall quality of life and might lead to suicidal attempt .

EFT can relieve PTSD

For Gary Craig ,the founder of EFT therapy , one of the first successful applications of EFT was for the treatment of PTSD . In 1994 Gary applied EFT technique for six Vietnam War veterans and he said “ These men hadn’t had a moment’s peace in 20 years “  he added “ Their lives revolved around their terrifying memories .But after just a few minutes of tapping, all of the men experienced profound release “

EFT can work magically for every thing and sometimes when nothing else can help so use it for everything . It is our tool to let the life energy pass through our body and mind in harmony with all the good emotions of love and joy in the universe.

with EFT thousands of veterans have recovered from PTSD and there life has improved dramatically .

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