Mindfulness For Emotional Healing

By Yusra Hashim

What is Mindfulness

mindfulness is to be in the present moment consciously. It is living each breath with awareness, without sparing part of the brain being busy analysing the past or planning for the future .

Mindfulness versus mindlessness

When we are in this moment and our mind is thinking in the past, or in the future, means we are not here and mindless in the present to variable degrees .It means we are disconnected from our creative power .

Living mindfully is living holistically, paying attention to our feelings, our body and to our thoughts. 

Time is going fast 

We need to know that, feeling the time is going fast and we have no time to accomplish the ‘TO DO LIST “ means we are missing the present moment to catch the next and so on.That is stressful, because it means that we are playing the role of the victims in our own life.That's what causes the increase in number of anxiety sufferers ,while living mindfully gives us the driver seat and makes us enjoy our life journey .

To live without stress 

When we talk about life as full of stress and incompatible events. It is because we are disconnected from our true self when we resist accepting the moment .

This resistance widens the gap between us and our true self and by time we fill this gap by negative emotions from insecure fear to anger . 

These feelings create new experiences to us that confirm these negative emotions and build new beliefs that are attached to us and limit our freedom to live mindfully.  Emotional freedom technique is very helpful in releasing those emotions and put us back on the track to make new choices.The best choice to live with is to live in the "now" ,or as some call it "in the flow" .

Mindfulness to overcome anxiety 

By practicing mindfulness there will be no stress or anxiety .Those feelings are all about thinking in the past or in the future .

When you want to live in your present and nagging thoughts keep disturbing you, use your Tapping therapy to release it  and try again .

How to live mindfully

Practice being aware of your body and your movement.

Stop multitasking and enjoy living the moments of your life rich in feeling and experiences.

Feel the smell and the flavour of your food , feel the air touching your skin while you walk in the street.This flow of feelings hold vitality and wellbeing to your body and mind . 

Subside a daily time of ten or fifteen minutes to practice living mindfully.You can do it even while you are drinking your coffee or playing with your child . 

Living each breath we take mindfully and aware of ourselves and the life around connects us to ourselves and with the universe. It teaches our heart how to feel grateful.

negative thoughts and feelings like self blame and  judgment prevent us from being mindful. Once those thoughts affect our feelings it means that it has changed the flow of our energy so tapping on the Acupoints using EFT can resolve the problem.

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