How does EFT work?
 What is the secret behind the magic work of EFT? 

By Yusra Hashim

The Magic behind ,how does EFT work, is that it taps on our natural healing system, the energy body where the pathological changes, starts and stored.

It is where we need to go first, as it has the blue prints of our physical body and the guide to heal it.

Lots of times we see the great results of EFT as unbelievable, why?

Because; first it comprises of very simple steps and second it really works when nothing else does. Sometimes it heals conditions that have lasted for years, like chronic pain or asthma within minutes.

Our emotion has vibration

Quantum physics proved clearly that everything is energy including our body, thoughts and emotions.

Each emotion we feel has its own frequency .When we face a traumatic event, we try to suppress our feelings and pretend that we are living normally, but that doesn't remove that feelings .it is stored in the energy system. This stored information activates or deactivates certain mind and body procedures to protect us from being hurt from experiencing that same emotion again.

Is it guilt feeling, low self-esteem or anger that we try to suppress, it is all alive in our source of life system, our energy body.

How Does EFT work?

The presence of negative emotion stress our energy being and block the energy flow in and around certain part of the physical body which by time could lead to a disease or chronic pain.

We need an energy healing technique to re-balance our disturbed energy system.

EFT is a fast and easy to use energy healing therapy. It works for you even if you don’t know its principles, and even if you don’t believe in it.

First acknowledge the problem you have, physical or emotional, as both are energy and have the energy access to each other.

Second, start tapping on certain energy points on your body to release that emotions vibration, from the energy system.

EFT technique will release the negative emotion that we attached to certain event or life experience, not the memory of the event itself. It will give us a clearer mind for a better decision and an opportunity for Smooth self-growth.


Tapping is a powerful tool for enabling health on multiple levels;mental,emotional and physical .From depression,anxiety,and stress related disorders like PTSD and fibromyalgia to physical pain and a lot more .

                                                                    Dr.Mark Hyman, M.D.

EFT does work , bring that emotion to your conscious mind and tap on your energy system to release its effect from your body .

Enjoy watching this video .It will give you an idea about What is EFT and who can use it . 

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