Holistic Healing therapy
to revive your innate healing power 

By Yusra Hashim

Holistic healing is the healing approach that view the human beyond his physical body .It considers healing the human as a whole not only his physical body but his mental ,emotional and spiritual being . 

Being healthy doesn't mean we are only free of physical disease but also we enjoy our life mentally,and with love and forgiveness in our heart .

Feeling pain is a message from the body

pain and negative feeling is the body language to say that there is disturbance and imbalance in the mental ,emotional or physical body .

There is no separation or barriers between mind and body, what we do with our body affect us mentally and emotionally , so when somebody becomes tired or is deprived of sleep, this will in turn affect his memory ,emotion and definitely his physical health .

Ignoring bad feelings such as anger , hatred and other negative emotions can cause the body to express the problem through some kind of chronic diseases .

Healthy people are happy and successful in work and relationships

people who have achieved their health , have compassionate relationships with themselves and with others and caring relationship with the  environment and planet.

being mentally and emotionally healthy allows us to enjoy  living mindfully in each moment . this will give us all the energy we need to accomplish our daily tasks in life successfully with joy .

Taking a holistic approach for healing will increase our mind power that will help us to fulfil our desired outcome of what we do and to attract the next upper level of the life we wish to live . 

EFTis a holistic healing therapy

Emotional freedom technique or EFT is one of the holistic healing therapy we can use for optimum health.It  is the self help tool that can be done in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.With EFT you can get free of your emotional doubt and mental blocks that will help you in your spiritual journey .

There is spiritual growth with holistic therapy 

To be emotionally healthy we teach our heart love and forgiveness to overcome all negative feelings that drain our energy and create emotional pain . It is a new level of awareness that allows us to discover the true meaning of happiness .

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