What is energy healing

By Yusra Hashim

Energy healing is a natural and non-invasive type of healing. It is a new growing approach to heal different physical and psychological ill-health problems through re-balancing the human energy system.

This approach gives birth to a new medicine which is Energy Medicine and Energy psychology.

It recognizes the human electromagnetic and subtle energies as the infrastructure of our physical body and in order to heal the body we need to activate these natural healing energies.

How does our energy get disturbed?

It has been scientifically proven that everything is energy including our body, so we are living in a sea of energy, affecting and being affected by all the visible and the invisible existence around us.

 Our thoughts and emotions are energies of different vibrations. These vibrations affect our energy accordingly and make changes toward health if it is positive or to illness if it is negative. Persistent presence of these vibrational changes in our energy system will lead to its corresponding physical changes.

Physical and mental stress disturbs the energy flow; chronic stress could block it on a certain level.

Our energy is also affected by the energy of other living beings and by the universal energy. There is an interaction and transaction relationship between energy fields of different beings.

To feel healthy physically and mentally we need our energy meridians to flow normally, in harmony with each other and with the whole energy body that ours is part of it. Disturbance in the meridian energy flow create ill health.

How can we heal our energy system?

There are different types of energy healing techniques  like; Acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy, crystals and many other types of energy healing techniques. They all grant energy system re-balance and how to strengthen it as the core issue in healing and maintaining human health.

EFT includes gentle tapping by finger tips on the acupoints to stimulate those energy spots by our hand energy. So we are using our physical body to direct the disturbed energy system to the balanced state.

How is EFT the best energy healing technique?

This tapping therapy offers another benefit above the other types, which are;

1. It works as a self-help tool.

2. Anyone can do it and improve his health without the need of a practitioner (except in certain conditions).

3. It does not need certain instruments, needles, crystals to accomplish it, all you need is yourself .

4. You can do it anywhere, even if you are outside, or in your car!

5. It always works, even sometimes when you feel it didn't hit the target you still feel the difference, in your breathing, clearer mind or other sign of shifting your energy.

6. It helps in everything, physical or emotional pain, relationship,  sport performance, allergy, addiction, body weight management and even for self-growth.


Because everything is energy and it affects our energy system, we are daily under the influence of changes in our bio energy, which in many times are disturbing changes.

EFT is the most appropriate daily energy healing technique for us; especially as we are living in an environment full of different artificial energy interference. 


I would love to share this video of Dr.James L. Oschman, PhD talks about the future Energy Medicine.

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