EFT Tapping Technique

The natural healing technique to relieve physical and emotional problems 

By Dr. Yusra Hashim

EFT tapping technique is extremely simple and easy, even children can learn

how to do it.

We can summarise it into these five steps;

1. Specify the problem

What bothers you, if it is headache, backache or anger, try to be specific.

2. Give this problem a degree of intensity 

On a scale of zero to ten. Ten being the most intense (the worst) and zero

means that the problem is no longer there.

3. Create a statement 

The set up statement is important, it is composed of two parts. In the first

part mention the problem you are addressing, the second part is a fixed

statement  "I deeply and completely accept and love myself".


If you have a headache, the setup statement will be:

"Even though I have this headache, I deeply and completely accept and love myself".

If you have a certain fear or phobia, e.g. snake phobia you say ;

"Even though I have this snake phobia, I deeply and completely accept and love myself".

So this is the basic statement that works for every complaint, physical or mental;

Even though I have this …… , I deeply and completely accept and love myself.

4. Start tapping on the EFT tapping points;

The first point is the karate chop (kc) which is on the external fleshy part of the hand.

Tap on this point while saying the setup statement. You need to repeat this 3-7


After the karate chop point, we tap on a sequence of points. While we tap on

those points repeat the problem you have,e.g. This headache or this


These points are;

TOH: (Top of the head) If we draw a line between our two ears and another

line from the nose to the back of the neck, this point will be on the crossing of

those two lines on the top of the head.

EB: this is the eye brow point, located in the beginning of each eye brow.

SE: side of eye, it is on the bone that forms the border of the outside of each eye.

UE: under eye, it is located on the bone of the lower border of each eye.

UN: Under nose is between the nose and the upper lip.

CH: Chin point is between the lower lip and the chin.

CB: Collar bone point .To locate it, put your index finger's tip on the U shape

angle at the top of breast bone (sternum), where men knot their tie, from here

go down for one inch and then to the right (or left) one inch .

UA: Under arm, it is four fingers down from the armpit.


5- Reassess the intensity of your feeling about the same same problem.

By now you have finished one basic round and need to check where you are on

the intensity scale from 0-10. If it is something emotional try to remember the

event or the words which had bothered you and identify its intensity.

When you learn it and start practicing it, soon it will only take you seconds to

carry out one round.

Keep on tapping until you feel okay remembering the problem. Sometimes it

takes one round to eliminate the problem, otherwise persistence is an important

key factor in practicing EFT. Try doing it for everything.

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