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Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life,

Maybe you’d like to…

  • Lose weight

  • stop smoking

  • get over a past trauma.

I use EFT every day on myself and my family members, and it has had a tremendous positive

effect on our lives. EFT will be effective when nothing else does.

Everyone can use EFT and reap its benefits.Gary Craig stated that In skilled hands EFT can

work over 95% of the time.

I encourage the use of EFT on people of all ages to treat a wide spectrum of issues, ranging

from small habits like nail biting to bigger issues such as traumatic experiences.

 Change your mindset, change your life.

Our life, and even our body function is an expression of the programs created in our mind.

Our life experience is the screen on which we see what is going on in our mind. In the mind

there is the blueprint of our life experiences, If you want to change anything in your life you

need to change the blueprint that had created it, change your mind prescription. How?

Through EFT ( Emotional freedom technique).

The sessions will be around 45-60 minutes, except the first session which can take up to 75

minutes. Sessions can be held through Skype, phone call or face to face.

I would love to help you live a life free of stress and unwanted negative emotions.

Client Testimony

"Yusra took me through the tapping sequence and gently but firmly guided me through, correcting my positioning and holding me in her presence.  I was astonished to find that minutes later I literally released away my headache through my breath - I felt an instant shift, the room felt brighter and my head felt so clear and importantly, pain free.  I wholeheartedly recommend tapping with Yusra"

Sarah Sienkiewicz

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