The Relief That Earthing Brings

Earthing, the natural energy healing tool .

Just like the sun that gives us warmth as well as vitamin D to nourish our body, the Earth gives the people water and food and any other necessities in order to survive. It also give everyone a place to walk, play, sit, stand, build a place for you, and at the same time gentle, natural and eternal energy. The Earth’s energy may not be seen by everyone but people can feel the warm, pleasant and tingling sensation whenever they walk barefooted by the water’s edge of the beach, even by stretching on the dew covered grass. 

What is Earthing

It is the term that describe our reconnection to mother earth .Earthing is natural and safe for everyone, whatever age they may be.

Before the Earth’s modernisation, humans are walking barefoot and they also lie on the ground whenever they feel tired and sleepy. But due to the modernisation caused by the technology, human lifestyle too have changed which includes the use of the different kinds of rubber or the plastic-soled kind of shoes. To remedy such disconnection, it is much better if you try Earthing. It is one of the easiest and free way of relaxing. Just walk barefoot whenever it is possible or sleep, relax and work inside your house while having a contact with some conductive mats which can transfer the Earth’s energy to help in giving energy to your body. 

Earthing enhances our health

People who tried, and who are still practicing the Earthing, said that they feel and sleep better. They also said that they feel more energised during daylight. This practice is also called grounding. This practice transforms many lives from different parts of the planet. Though this practice is safe and natural, you still need to consult a physician or healthcare provider if it is possible especially if you have some medical condition. They will explain to you if it would be healthy or not for the progress in medication.

the reconnection also involve  the use of conductive bed sheets or floor pads linked by wire to a ground rod outside your house or office ,or plugged into a wall outlet with a modern earth ground system .earthing or grounding simply mean you are connected to mother earth .

How to do Earthing

For those people who are interested, the activity is simple. All you have to do is go outside ,take off your shoes and socks and spend half an hour walking, sitting or standing barefooted on the ground . These simple processes would help in drawing the Earth’s energy through the conductive surface such as the grass, concrete, sand and dirt. Doing it on vinyl, wood or asphalt covered place is not worth it. These types of places are not part of conductive surfaces. Try and experience the Earth’s healing energy at work. Experience Earthing and see the results for yourself.

Health benefits of Earthing

This practice guarantees a safe, natural and relaxing activity. It is a practice that would help you save money and would help in improving your sleep. It would also decrease the pain and your inflammation in the body. It also helps in reducing the stress that you feel. It helps in improving a person’s health if ever they are suffering some gastrointestinal symptoms. Earthing evidence suggests that the Earth’s surface is negatively charged electron. Those electrons are responsible in bringing the electric energy of the human body in sync with the Earth which also promotes the overall health and the vitality of the body. So try it and experience the nature’s energy and feel revitalised and rejuvenated without stressing yourself.


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Earthing, by clinton Ober ,StephenT,Zucker