Chocolate Craving

Whenever the topic of food addiction arises, chocolate craving is unquestionably one of the most common sweets that come to mind. Both women and men crave chocolate.

There are many reasons that why people crave chocolate from time to time and this may stem from both psychological and physical needs. Chocolate cravings can be linked to stress or changing hormonal levels and low blood sugar levels. Here are a few reasons behind chocolate craving.

Chocolate Craving and Blood Sugar Levels

The caffeine and sugar in chocolate helps to in raising your blood sugar levels, specifically dark chocolate stabilises blood sugar levels safely, as it is low on the glycemic index.

Stress Eating

Stress eating is the tendency of the person to respond to stress by eating, even he or she is not hungry. The sufferers of stress eating often have high-carbohydrate or high-calorie foods that have minimal nutritional value. Generally, the foods that stress eaters crave are referred to as comfort foods and chocolate is one of them. High levels of stress can make people crave chocolate, as the increase of serotonin levels can lead to considerable reductions in depression, stress and anxiety.

Moreover, due to increased serotonin levels, stress eaters forget about their emotional or other problems, mildly depressed mood or low self-esteem.  Many researchers have shown that chocolate consists of the same alkaloid compounds that also make alcohol addictive, therefore experts believe that there may be some basis for considering chocolate physiologically addictive. Chocolate also contains anandamide, a compound, which scientists believe helps in stimulating the brain in the same way as marijuana.

EFT Therapy Benefits for Emotional Conflicts

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a fast-evolving treatment and a relatively new discovery within the field of Energy Psychology. This therapy is grabbing the attention of lay people, spiritualists, doctors and even scientists.

Reasons to choose EFT for Food Addictions and Stress Eating.

  • Eft deals with the causes behind craving chocolate.
  • EFT is a proactive and positive experience .
  • This therapy often works where nothing else works .
  • This technique is usually rapid and provides long lasting relief from symptoms
  • No equipment or drugs are needed.
  • It can be self applied, however, only a few cases are more complex that may require detailed attention from a professional EFT Practitioner.

EFT is a flexible, painless, easy and quick improvement tool that will help you to control stress eating, ultimately solving the problem of chocolate craving and food addictions. This simple tapping procedure realigns the energy system of the body gently, without the discomfort of needles. Not like other energy healing procedures, EFT addresses unresolved emotional issues that can be the cause of personal performance limits, psychological dysfunction and physical disease as it incorporates an emotional element to the healing process. 

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