Being grateful is a holistic healing habit.

Being grateful is not an easy habit to cultivate for the human mind, which usually focuses on

the incomplete faces of every life experience. As human beings are habitual creatures, we

need to update our habits regularly to match our changing life needs.

Being grateful puts you in the flow of creative energy and shortens the time of manifestation

for your desires in the moment. Being grateful is a holistic healing tool, because being grateful

holds the feeling of appreciation that can take the whole body into a healthy harmonious level

of energy that heals any abnormal body function, if you can keep it long enough.

“The longer you linger in gratitude, the more you draw your new life to you. For gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.”

                                                                   Dr. Joe Dispenza

We can train our brain to think positively by regularly making a list of things we are grateful

for. It is easy, choose anything you currently have,  and think about how you will feel if you

lose it, you will realise the appreciation you had for that thing in your life.

When you take steps towards your goal, you will be rewarded with every step, feel the

appreciation of all the things that had helped you reach that particular step.  Appreciate your

body health, your friends, your family, the list is endless. Creating a habit of writing a list of ten

things you are grateful for on a daily basis will make the brain and mind geared towards


The more you recognise and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for.”

          Zig Ziglar, American Author, Motivational Speaker

Why do we need to be grateful for the challenges in life?

Challenges are the wrapping paper for the gift of the self awareness that you really need at

that specific time to grow and expand. Expansion is a universal law and our desires are a

guide to follow. Challenges are the keys that we need to open the gate to a new level of

reality to live in. When you look back at the challenges of the past years you will say to

yourself “that was easy”, current obstacles will also become part of your comfort zone once

you detach yourself from the previous comfort zone and ride the wave of changes to the next


Challenges are there to awaken your greatness above what you feel is stressful.

Successful move in this expanding universe is in letting go of the pain that holds the

magnificent gift of opportunities for our better life. Just like infants who start crying when

leaving their home in the uterus, when they’re unaware of the amazing things waiting for them

outside in our bigger home on earth.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

       Eckhart Tolle, Author: A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose

Focusing on the good things in your life will bring more of the same energy vibration through

the universal law of attraction, planting the seeds of any new desire with a grateful heart will

activate law of manifestation allowing you to achieve whatever it is you desire.

If you feel uncomfortable choosing to be grateful for anything, use the Emotional Freedom

Technique to release that resistance and to enjoy the peace of being grateful.

Helpful guidance from the EFT Master Carol Look to feel grateful.