Tapping therapy  
To Release emotional and physical Pain

By Yusra Hashim 

EFT tapping therapy is the tapping version of acupuncture. We use our fingers to tap on certain points on the skin, instead of puncture it with needles.

This energy healing therapy works when you put your intention on what bothers you and do tapping on specific points on your face and body .It is unexpectedly simple and unexpectedly powerful. I believe that it is our natural healing gift that can help us every day to live a healthier and happier.

What is EFT 

It stands for emotional freedom technique and founded by Gary Craig. He simplified the many energy therapies which were known and had been practised through centuries of human life ,and brings this simple tapping technique to our hands.

Stress is part of our daily life that has a great effect on our physical and mental health. EFT tapping therapy is our self-help tool to overcome it in every situation we face.

How does EFT Help

There is energy system that gives life to every cell and organ in our body.  Blockage or disturbance in the flow of this energy affects how we feel and consequently affects the function of the cells or organ in our body that is related  to that disturbed energy segment.

Feeling sad or angry or any other negative emotion is the alarming signals from our energy system that there is disturbance in the natural flow of energy through our body.

By tapping on EFT points on our body we can re-balance this energy flow and enjoy a calm and comfortable feeling that is very essential to live our life fully, participating with our whole being in every moment we live.

EFT tapping therapy has improved many patients’ condition when conventional medicine couldn't, like many cases with phobia and post traumatic disorder.

It can help us in many different ways by itself or accompanied with a conventional medical approach .EFT proved its amazing result in many health complain categories like; Migraine, back pain, insomnia, phobias, addictions, post-traumatic stress syndrome, chocolate craving, weight loss, to increase immunity and the list goes on .

Anyone can learn and use EFT, even children. You don’t need anything to perform it, just use your fingers and tap on the EFT tapping points with your intention on the problem you have.

You can do it anywhere you are comfortable in and at any time you prefer .maybe you would like doing it in the morning before leaving home for work or before starting the day with your children.


For more information ,I would love you have a look at this awesome video from the EFT founder Gary Craig .

If you are new to EFT, or have a question about it, fill out the contact form and I will contact you.

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